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A Great Second Act with Ayurveda

The practices I've been living for the past nearly four decades have helped me slow down, release stress, heal my body/mind, know my deeper nature and live into my authentic self. They have made me a better mother, friend, teacher, and a happier woman. They have supported me through perimenopause, and menopause with relative ease. These practices come from the wisdom traditions of yoga and Ayurveda and have been generously passed down for thousands of years, coming from India. When I don't prioritize time to attune to myself and care for my body, I am more stressed out, more reactive, my digestion is off, and I start to feel crummy. Ayurvedic self-care has helped me shift my priorities—from being on top of everything to aligning with the flow of Life as it's currently showing up. Having a body and mind that are well, satisfied and in sync takes attention. If we've been going with the cultural norm of overriding our real needs, over time, we can lose touch with our body messages. What could you do at this moment to answer the needs of your body?

  • Stretch and reposition?

  • Take a sip of water?

  • Step outdoors for a moment?

  • Go pee?

Getting back into relationship with our body can be like starting up a friendship with someone you haven't seen for a while. It may take some time to get reacquainted. There may be some changes to adjust to. Old ways of relating may not work anymore. Having a perimenopausal or menopausal body is like that in spades!. Your body doesn't work in the same way it always has. Our culture treats it as a loss, and there is loss (I miss my monthly cycle!), but there's also a new landscape to discover, and perhaps the self care we've been putting off because we don't have time, could now become our non-negotiable. What would it be like to get in touch (or deeper touch) with the real needs of our body? If you need some help living in deeper alignment with your body-mind, an upgrade or refinement in your daily habits to support your deep well being, health and happiness, I can help.

What to Expect in My Yoga Health Coaching Process:

Step One:

Assessing where you are now physically, mentally and spiritually using an Ayurvedic lens. Begin to learn and implement an Ayurvedic lifestyle tailored to your specific needs. Step by step implementation of daily diet and lifestyle shifts to reach your goals. Herbal recommendations.

Step Two:

Address the barriers that come up to habit change. Transform old patterns that may be holding you in place. Grow in self-compassion and self-awareness. Create clear daily rituals to support your body, mind and heart, in alignment with your health goals.

Step Three:

Continue to build your daily rhythms. Strengthen your body intuition and capacity to address inevitable setbacks, and get back on track as needed. Understand your keystone habit and clarify your boundaries with friends and family to stay true to yourself.

I've never worked with a woman who regretted deepening her self-care journey. But I often hear women speak to the regret they feel at not starting sooner. What are the real costs to your health, physical and mental, for postponing better habits? Today is the final day to schedule time to talk with me about one on one coaching at my special late summer promotional price. I am incentivizing this promotion with bonuses to make it easier for you to say YES to yourself. Think of how good you could feel 6 months from now with your healthy habits in place. ~PROMOTIONAL BONUSES ~ *My dosha course, Your Elemental Nature, ( yours to have and use anytime, not just during our private work) *Seasonal Yoga Membership *Daily Routine KIT (BONUSES TOTAL $500) Schedule time to talk with me here. Together we'll discover if this kind of one on one work is a fit for you and me. (Remember, you need to schedule by 11:59pm TODAY to receive the late summer promotional pricing and bonuses, but the actual appointment can be as late as Sept 7th to fit your schedule).

"I am grateful to Shannon for the rich and deep learning which offered me the opportunity to reframe, rethink and build a whole health way of life. For me, this sort of change is an iterative process. I needed to experiment and revise and try again. With Shannon’s guidance,,,I made space for myself to expand my confidence and agency to transform my daily practices for a whole-hearted healthy life." –L. O., Seattle, “Shannon is a master at communicating the teachings of Ayurveda in an understandable and clear way that is easy to digest. I soon began integrating small changes to my daily routine– paying attention to how I am feeling, adding in healthier choices and experimenting with letting go of less healthier choices. The course has given me much more awareness of my health on a day-to-day basis, and has given me the priceless gift of learning how to better take care of myself.” -L.M., Berkeley, CA

“I learn so much from your talks. You're a gentle, warm, personable teacher.” - JH, Seattle, WA

Let's do this! Schedule time to talk with me here. In service and love, Shannon

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