Space to Be

Updated: Mar 23

Every morning of my life begins with practice.

The practices I have been engaging in for the past three decades have helped me slow down, release stress, heal my body/mind and experience my deeper nature. They have made me a better mother, a better friend, a better teacher, and a happier woman. These practices come from the wisdom traditions of yoga and Ayurveda and have been generously passed along to me by wonderful teachers, tapping into a lineage that is thousands of years old.

When I don't prioritize the time to attune to myself daily, I am more stressed out, more reactive and I forget my deeper nature and connection with all. Yogic self-care is a shift in priorities—from getting everything on your to-do list done, to putting the list aside and taking a walk. We are out of balance with doing, pushing and striving, and we need the balance of rest, digest and spaciousness. We need time to breathe and to receive.

Stepping off the wheel of "busy" for a yoga class is great, but we don’t have to settle for that alone. We can learn to step into the moment that life is offering us NOW, slow down, breathe, and remember ourselves again--bringing presence to what we are doing in every moment.

What could you do at this moment to answer the needs of your body? Stretch and reposition, take a sip of water, walk around the office for a moment? It's safe to respond to our body's true needs. We don't have to override them all the time.

Getting grounding in our bodies and imprinting ourselves with this presence first thing in the morning helps to set a foundation on which we're more likely to remember ourselves throughout the day.

Try starting your day with this 20-minute meditation. Or this 24 minute asana session.

Love, Shannon