Space to Be

Updated: Jan 26

Every morning of my life begins with practice.

The practices I have been living for the past nearly four decades have helped me slow down, release stress, heal my body/mind, know my deeper nature and live into my authentic self. They have made me a better mother, friend, teacher, and a happier woman. These practices come from the wisdom traditions of yoga and Ayurveda and have been generously passed down for thousands of years coming from India.

When I don't prioritize time to attune to myself in the morning, I am more stressed out, more reactive and I forget my deeper nature and connection with all. Yogic self-care is a shift in priorities—from being on top of things to aligning with the flow of Life as its currently showing up. Our culture is out of balance with doing, pushing and striving, and we need the simplicity of rest, digest and space to feel whole. We need time to breathe and to receive.

Stepping off the wheel of "busy" for a yoga class is great, but we don’t have to settle for that alone. We can learn to step into the moment that life is offering us NOW, slow down, breathe, and sense ourselves. --bringing presence to what we are doing in every moment.

What could you do at this moment to answer the needs of your body?

  • Stretch and reposition?

  • Take a sip of water?

  • Step outdoors for a moment?

It's good to tune into our bodies and give them what they need. It's good to tune into ourselves and give ourselves what we need.

I just completed a week long meditation retreat from home. It was my fourth since covid started, and it was the best one yet. I had to engage some work during the week, and mid way through, a big work issue erupted that caused a lot of havoc. I had to spend a lot of time online taking care of things. Even so, I found the support of the meditation and the structure of the retreat supportive. I was able to flow back into walk, sit, walk as things at work simmered down. I slept deeply and well. I didn't feel ripped off that work had exploded. I just went with what was happening, and got back to the retreat when I could. It was a beautiful lesson in integration and breaking down the barriers between, "now I am practicing" and "now I am working." The fruition of all of the years of practice were there for me in my capacity to go with rather than resist what was happening. I was grateful for that.

It's not always so easy. It's taken me the entire fall and first part of the winter to feel deeply rested again. I prioritized sleep and nourishment and reached out to my Ayurvedic doctor, and in time, my organism found it's sweet spot once more.

These practices we do are not optional. They are the foundation of a good and happy life. It's too bad more of us don't get this information early on, like in grade school, because having a body and mind that are happy and in sync takes attention. Nourishing our soul is foundational to happiness. When we are well, we are supporting the collective wellness. When we are rested and grounded in our deeper nature, we can act appropriately because we are in touch with our humanity, and that's what our world needs. More mature humans.

Try starting your day with this 20-minute meditation. Or this 24 minute asana session.

If you need some help living in deeper alignment with your body-mind organism, so that your daily habits are supporting your deep well being, health and happiness, I can help.

I teach people the essential habits to living in alignment with their own organism and with natural cycles. Like getting grounded in our bodies and imprinting ourselves with presence first thing in the morning, living an aligned life is easy once you know the simple practices. With a community of evolving others, a guide and the teachings of Ayurveda, Habit science and psycho-spiritual wisdom, your next best evolution awaits you. It's not something you have to conjure up. It's not some idealized self. It's your deepest nature calling to you to move forward in a more integral way.

Living Ayurveda has room to welcome 2 more members to begin next week. Join the others who have said YES to a significant investment in themselves this year. Think of how good you could feel a year from now with your healthy habits in place.

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Fill out an application here then we can talk to see if you'd be a good fit for us, and we for you. At the very least you'll come away with more clarity about where you're currently at, what you want, and some guidance around how to begin to get there.

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Love, Shannon