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Taking Care of the Small Stuff

My Ayurveda teacher, Dr. Lad often reminds us to take care of the small problems when they arise. You know those little annoying problems that don’t go away: minor digestive issues, intermittent sleep disturbance, hemorrhoids, low energy….The idea is simple: small problems left untreated lead to bigger problems. We get used to the problem, learn to cope with it but never actually resolve it. One day we wake up to a more significant health issue.

A friend of mine once landed in the hospital after a recurring tooth infection became systemic and began affecting her heart. My friend lives a holistic lifestyle and is pretty tuned into her body. Still, she had this tooth infection that would periodically arise, but after gargling and cleaning carefully around the tooth, it would get better and she’d forget about it. Thing is, it kept coming back. She was calming it, but not resolving it, and eventually landed in the hospital. She finally had the tooth removed, but by that time, because the infection had spread, she had to go on a massive dose of antibiotics, which the doctors weren’t sure would take care of the infection it was so bad. Fortunately for my friend, the first round of super antibiotics worked, and she is recovering well.

Sometimes, we're habituated to small annoyances and we take managing or living with them as normal. But the truth is, chronic body Issues that don’t resolve on their own are the body’s call for help. What nagging issues are you living with?

Ayurveda is an especially useful framework for understanding early stages of imbalance because it understands 3 distinct stages of the disease process that precede the manifestation of illness. The focus is on reversing that process to resolve the problem. Managing symptoms without treating the cause of those symptoms can send the imbalance deeper into the bodily tissues. This is what happened with my friend with the recurring toothache.

I used to work with people in a two part consultation. I'd see them twice, and offer recommendations tailored to them and their situation. After adopting some of the daily rituals, they'd begin to experience more calm, energy and the resolution of minor bodily symptoms. Often though, they'd go back to their old ways. Not because they wanted to, necessarily, but because it takes time to get grounded in new patterns. Even simple shifts take time to take root.

Eventually I built a longer term program so that folks could work together, over time, and create and live the daily habits that lead to robust health and deeper levels of satisfaction in life. These are the practices which naturally resolve those early stages of imbalance so they don't have a chance to take root. Former members thank me regularly for introducing them to this way of living and creating a structure and space where people can come together, learn, share and make these changes together. For those who have felt drawn to the work, but concerned about a longer commitment, or about group dynamics, I'm opening 5 spaces for 1 - 1 one work this season. You'll now be able to commit to a season or two at a time with my support every step of the way.

If you want to reinvigorate your diet and self-care practices or refine what's working and take it to the next level, I'd love to talk with you. I've been on this path for decades, and I understand the terrain, and what can come from meeting resistance with compassion and presence, and how to stay accountable to my long term vision.

Here's what past clients have said about working with me.

"Studying with Shannon has demystified seasonal maladies I experience, some lifelong and others that arose during menopausal changes. I’ve learned ways to read what my body and emotions are signaling to me, and how to provide optimally for myself. I feel more centered and kind with myself, which is a deeply helpful place to approach my goals from. Living Ayurveda is a truly heartening community to learn with and from. It has been a real balm in this time. I always enjoy our group gatherings, online and in person.

I have to tell you that I recently visited my parents and brothers. I usually come unraveled during these visits, but this time, though I felt challenged, I was able to maintain my center, and see them with genuine love. The skills around boundaries and self-kindness I’ve been learning in our group made this possible. I’m so thankful ❤️ I didn’t think it was possible in this lifetime."

JH, Seattle, WA

"Shannon was professional, informative, inspiring and positively transformational,

- LA, Salt Lake City .

Here's to taking care of the small stuff so it doesn't become big stuff.




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