Taking Care of the Small Stuff

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

My Ayurveda teacher, Dr. Lad often reminds us to take care of the small problems when they arise. You know those little annoying problems that don’t go away: minor digestive issues, intermittent sleep disturbance, hemorrhoids, low energy….The idea is simple: small problems left untreated turn into bigger problems. We get used to the problem, learn to cope with it but never actually resolve it, and next thing you know we’re dealing with a major health issue.

A friend of mine once landed in the hospital after a recurring tooth infection became systemic and began affecting her heart. My friend lives a holistic lifestyle and is pretty tuned into her body. Still, she had this tooth infection that would periodically arise, but after gargling and cleaning carefully around the tooth, it would get better and she’d forget about it. Thing is, it kept coming back. She was calming it, but not resolving it, and eventually landed in the hospital. She finally had the tooth removed, but by that time, because the infection had spread, she had to go on a massive dose of antibiotics, which the doctors weren’t sure would take care of the infection it was so bad. Fortunately for my friend, the first round of super antibiotics worked, and she is recovering well.

Chronic Bodily Issues that don’t resolve on their own are the body’s call for help.

What nagging issues are you living with?

Ayurveda is an especially useful framework for understanding these early stages of imbalance. Healing minor digestive issues and strengthening digestion is especially important since the health of the digestive system crucial to the health of the rest of the bodily tissues including the immune system. Balancing sleep so you're sleeping through the night regularly, and balancing energy, so you're not living on reserves are all crucial to good health. If these three things are not working well, you're on a bad trajectory.

When I work with clients and ask about digestion, most people report that their digestion is “fine”, however when we start to work on bringing in some of the principles of healthy eating and tweak the diet a bit, everyone reports feeling an improvement with digestion and elimination. Sometimes, like my friend, we are habituated to small annoyances so that we take managing or living with them as normal.

If you’re struggling with ongoing digestive issues like gas, bloating, constipation, acidity, or excess weight, not sleeping through the night, or running on chronically low energy, send me an email Let’s set up a time to talk about what’s going on, what you’ve tried so far to that hasn’t worked and create a plan to get you back on track.

Take care of the little imbalances in your body/mind and those small things won’t add up and turn into bigger issues. If you've been dealing with an imbalance for a long time, don't worry. It's never too later to turn things around and begin to heal chronic problems. It starts with a desire to change, and a first step.



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